• Get Integrated, Get the Buzz. Love your work!

    Here’s how it works. It’s not uncommon for companies to use different suppliers for what they think are different marketing requirements. One supplier for market research, another for strategic marketing planning, another for graphic design, and yet another for PR and communication. These organisations diligently set about their individual tasks, yet all too frequently never communicate with each other. As a result, this fragmented approach results in the client’s goal become fuzzy and their objectives being lost.

    Whilst some might think it is a challenge to deliver a unified message, all it requires is the right blend of skills to combine all these services under the one roof in order to provide a fully integrated approach. Buzz is such a one-stop shop. Buzz works with you (in a dedicated in-house role if required) to pull together all the key components of the marketing process and create a unique approach that works best for you and your organisation.

    The clear benefit of this approach of course is that you, the client become an integral part of the process and therefore retain much greater control over your marketing and business messages. In turn these messages integrate across all your assets and your people because only one team is involved… your team.

    With Buzz you get flexibility, creativity, adaptability, dedication, organisation, knowledge and common sense… and results!

    • Marketing Strategy
    • Graphic Design
    • Photography and Photoshop
    • Logo Design
    • Websites
    • Internet Marketing
    • Mobile Apps
    • Advertising
    • Knowledgeable, sensible… and friendly advice